Antoni Bigaj


Three generations of the Bigaj family have brought the Company to this successful point in its history.  Its founding dates back well over a century, when in 1905 Antoni Bigaj first began providing woodworking services to the local community, personally crafting furniture, wooden stairs, doors and windows.  The next Bigaj generation assumed management and expansion of the Company as Josef Bigaj took control from his father in 1947.  In spite of the unfavorable economic conditions of communistic times, the business continued to thrive and the work force expanded. The boost led to the purchase of land and an essential sawmill in the village of Pazurek. 


In the 1980s the company directed its production toward coffins.  Taking advantage of the changing business climate, the Company signed contracts with the Federal Republic of Germany,  one of the first companies in Poland to do so.  Coffin exports began in 1982.  Since then the Company has managed to modernize its production line with the able assistance of sub-contractors in an effort to meet consumer demands in both Poland and Germany.  In fact, growing coffin requirements in both markets led to further domestic expansion.  Over time the company continued to increase its size and produced more sophisticated and complex products.


Today the Bigaj enterprise specializes in luxury coffins, the production of which requires expert knowledge, skilled craftsmanship, a highly technical background in its work force,  and competent management.  Today’s coffin production includes use of oak, pine, alder, birch, ash, cherry and mahogany, in each case retaining the highest standards of quality demanded by discriminating European consumers.


Józef Bigaj
Jacek Bigaj